Urine recycling, really? With the Vuna process, the world’s first urine fertiliser is made from your urine. With official approval for all plants, from vegetables to houseplants.

No magic, pure science, here is how it all works.

How does the Vuna process for nutrient recovery work?
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NX series


The NX series is a urine treatment system developed during years of iterating and operating full scale pilot plants.


The system exists in 3 sizes, 200/500/1000 liters depending on the daily treatment volume required. It is scalable and can be adapted to any building sizes. 

Loaded with sensors, fully plug and play, the system is autonomous and remotely operated. 

The NX requires a minimum of floor space and is completely odourless. The maintenance, fertiliser production and logistic are managed by VunaNexus. 

Contact us to discuss your project, or if you would like to visit one of our installations. 

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Laufen save!


The key innovation in “save!” is the “urine trap”, created by EOOS Design. It uses the hydrodynamic principle of the teapot effect to conduct the urine towards a concealed outlet using only surface tension. The intelligent design of the ceramic body ensures that the urine separation occurs irrespective of whether the toilet is used by a man, a woman or a child. Flushing water, which is discharged at a much higher rate and speed, runs down the regular syphon. The same applies to solids and toilet paper, which also fall into the syphon.

LAUFEN has applied this principle to the wall-mounted WC and redesigned it with a urine channel to optimise its performance. Thanks to the perfect, almost imperceptible integration of the technology into the ceramic body, the WC achieves an elegant aesthetic and can therefore be integrated into sophisticated bathroom designs without any compromises.