An ecological alternative to air washers and chemical manure acidification

By treating livestock urine at the source, ammonia emissions can be avoided. 
Stabilising urine with our technology drastically reduce odours and increase manure nutrients concentration.


REcovered Nitrogen from manURE

According to a Nature research, globally, livestock produces more than 125 Tg N/year in manure, this is similar to the amount of Nitrogen synthetic fertilisers applied to soils. However,  less than 50% of Nitrogen excreted by livestock is really re-used on agricultural land. A large part of this Nitrogen is therefore lost to the environment

A lot of the nutrients contained in animal urine are lost under the form of ammonia between the storage and the spreading in the fields. Stabilising the urine drastically increases the efficiency of the manure and thus reduces the need for synthetic fertilisers. 

Livestock urine separation

Schauer Agrotronic developed a stable design that allows an easy separation of the liquid and the solids. We coupled this technology to our biological reactor. The first pilot installation is active since October 2022 and has a treatment capacity of about 3000 litres of urine per day. 

By nitrifying the urine, the smell is reduced and there is no more need for energy and water hungry air washers. The solids are easier to handle and store. They can be used to produce biogaz. 

Schauer Agrotronic

Large scale nitrification reactors

With the installation of our first pilot reactor, we are currently developing the knowledge needed to scale this technology. More installations are planned for 2023 and we are currently limiting these installation to Switzerland. 

We are currently working with various Swiss research institutes on a development project financed by the Swiss confederation (Innosuisse) to determine the emissions reductions impact of such installations, and  secure eco-friendly fertiliser production.