No shit? Aurin, the world first urine fertiliser with full approval in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria. The best solution for your flowers & vegetables.

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Aurin is approved for the fertilisation of all plants, with no restriction of use, in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria. 

This liquid fertiliser contains all the necessary nutrients needed for plant growth such as nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, as well as a multitude of trace elements such as iron, zinc and boron.


On the market for 5 years 

Aurin has been incorporated in various fertilising plans by major cities in Switzerland proving its efficiency.  

This confirms the need for more circular and locally sourced nutrients.  

We have various ongoing studies and will be doubling the production in 2023. 

Pure recycling

Aurin closes cycles. Do you recycle glass bottles, aluminum cans, newspaper? From now on also urine! Because you produce whole of them 500L per year. The nutrients in it are valuable and do not belong into the sewer.

Globally local

The ingredient for Aurin is very local – all over the world: human urine. Thanks to Aurin, there are no fertiliser imports with long transports and a lot of energy consumption.

Without heavy metals

Aurin is concentrated – lots of nutrients for your plants. But no heavy metals, such as in conventional phosphorus fertilisers. You protect the environment and yourself.

Without medication

The Vuna process ensures that all pollutants are eliminated. Aurin concentrates what is naturally in the urine: nutrients for your plants.

Economical with water

Thanks to Aurin, urine no longer needs water to move down the sewer system. Urine is processed directly without dilution, more efficiently than in any sewage treatment plant.

Officially approved


Officially approved as a fertiliser by the Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture. After an intensive test phase since 2015, Aurin received definitive approval in 2018.